SSC Combined Police Organization (SSC CPO) Syllabus

SSC Combined Police Organization (CPO) Exam is conducted by the Staff Selection Commission to recruit candidates for SI/ASI posts in Delhi Police and Central Armed police force.

Candidates must be well informed of the latest SSC CPO Syllabus. Check out the syllabus below.

SSC CPO General Intelligence & Reasoning Syllabus

SSC CPO Syllabus for General Intelligence & Reasoning includes both verbal and non-verbal types. The complete reasoning syllabus for the SSC CPO exam is mentioned below.

SSC CPO Syllabus for General Intelligence & Reasoning
Topics Types of Questions Weightage
Analogy Semantic and Figural analogy, letters and numbers Symbolic/Numbers, images and meaning-based 6-8 Questions
Coding/Decoding Coding decoding by letter shifting, coding by analogy and words 3-5 Questions
Classifications Semantic and Figural classifications, Symbolic/Numbers classification 6-7Questions
Series Semantic, Figural, number, and mixed series and series based on general knowledge 3-5 Questions
Order Ranking The sequence of order and ranking will be asked from the given data 1-2 Questions
Direction & Distances Problems based on network, routes, and distances traveled are asked 1-3 Questions
Missing numbers Numbers and alphabet-based Matrix and Diagrams 2-3 Questions
Alphabet or word test Sequence and word formation, Matrix, jumbled words, suffixes, etc. 3-5 Questions
Venn diagram Venn Diagram, Logical, Syllogism, etc 4-5 Questions
Puzzles Double line-up arrangements, circular arrangements, seating arrangements, linear arrangements, etc. 3-5 Questions
Data sufficiency Cubes and Dices, Arithmetic operation, etc 4-5 Questions
Non-verbal reasoning Paper folding, Cubes, and dices counting figures, etc. 5-7 Questions


SSC CPO Syllabus General Knowledge & Awareness

General Awareness is always a scoring part to match the cut-off. Candidates can check the SSC General Awareness page which covers important topics for the general knowledge section in detail.

The below list highlights the SSC CPO General Awareness Syllabus:

SSC CPO Syllabus for General Knowledge & Awareness
Topics Types of Questions Weightage
History Ancient and Medieval History, India’s freedom struggle 6-7 Questions
Geography Indian and World Geography 5-6 Questions
Polity Government Portfolios, Judiciary and Constitution of India 3-5 Questions
Science & Technology Environment, Nutrition, Diseases, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc. 10-13 Questions
Books and Authors Famous Books And Authors 1.2 Question
Economy Economic Organisation, Indian and world organization 4-5 Questions
National & International Affairs Government policies and schemes, National and International days, events and news, etc. 10-11 Questions
International Organisations International Organisation headquarter and their year of establishment 1-2 Questions
Current events Latest Sports Events, Venues, and Winners 2-3 Questions


SSC CPO Syllabus for Quantitative Aptitude

To score well in this section speed and accuracy are required. Hence, candidates must know shortcuts and tricks to ace this section. Below is the complete QA syllabus for the SSC CPO exam.

SSC CPO Syllabus for Quantitative Aptitude
Topics Types of Questions Weightage
Mixture Problems Questions on mixtures of Two or Three quantities and their ratios 1-2 Questions
Ratio Proportions Simple and compound ratios, Direct and indirect proportions 3-4 Questions
Number Systems Rational, irrational Numbers, LCM, HCF, integers 1-3 Questions
Simplification Fraction, BODMAS, Decimals, Ratios, etc. 4-5 Questions
Algebra Quadratic Equation, Linear Equation, Identities, etc. 4-6 Questions
Profit and Loss Partnership, Discounts, Marked Prices, Problems on Profit and Loss, successive sellings, etc. 4-5 Questions
Percentage Basic Percentage Questions 1-2 Questions
Average Average problems on Average height, weight, Age, Marks, money expenditure, temperature, etc. 2-3 Questions
Time and work Time and Work, Work and Wages, Work efficiency, Pipes and cisterns, etc. 1-2 Questions
Speed, Time, and Distance Problems with rivers, boats, and streams, Relative speed, etc. 1-3 Questions
Mensuration Area, Surface Area, and volume of Various Geometric Shapes 3-5 Questions
Simple Interest Problems with Simple and compound interest 1-3 questions
Trigonometry Height and distances, Identities, Trigonometric ratios, etc 3-5 Questions
Geometry Quadrilateral, Triangles, Circles, Chords, Cubes, cones, etc. 4-6 Questions
Data Interpretations Questions on Bar graph, Table, Pie Chart, Line Chart 4-5 Questions


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